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Antique Auctions

box1Antique auctions are extremely popular in the auctioning community. Good antiques are hard to come by, and auctions often have unique, well-kept, and easy-to-get-cheap items at the ready. However, for the amateur antique buyer, antique auctions can be overwhelming and even counter-productive, should you walk away with damaged goods or an item that you overpaid for. Here are a few tips for how to succeed in finding unique and well-priced antique auction purchases.

1. Follow the dealers
The first step to making successful antique auction purchases is knowing where to go. Antique dealers often have to replenish stores, and will know the best auctions that will have low-priced final bids, since they need to regularly purchase furniture and sell it for a profit. It might seem counter-intuitive, since the goal is to have less competition, but a great strategy for inexperienced antique buyers is to go to auctions where dealers go.

2. Ask for a catalog
Many auctions will provide catalogs, so, if you aren't given one, make sure to ask! These catalogs often have value appraisals for each item as well as a comprehensive list of the items being sold and descriptions of each. This can help you plan your bidding strategy, know what items are worth, and take advantage of inspection periods.

box23. Inspection Periods
Most quality antique auctions will have inspection periods, where potential buyers are invited to personally inspect the antiques being auctioned. Before you make your bids, make sure that you have thoroughly inspected each item you hope to buy. Auction purchases are permanent, and you don't want to end up with a damaged antique.

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